Links to useful information about walking policy and advocacy.

Do you need to shovel your sidewalk? Finally, there's a map.

Walk Toronto has persuaded the City of Toronto to create a map of which sidewalks in the Toronto East York district are plowed by the city, and which ones have to be shoveled by property owners.

Sidewalk snow clearing - who is responsible for what?

The City of Toronto only provides partial snow clearing services on sidewalks. Here is a brief guide to what the city will and will not do to clear snow from sidewalks, and what property owners are expected to do.

A Toronto pedestrian pamphlet from 1997

From the archives - a pamphlet, "Let's Make Toronto a Walkable City," produced in 1997 jointly by a pedestrian advocacy group and the City of Toronto. It's interesting to note what issues are still current.

Comprehensive List of Information about Walking and Great Organizations to Connect With

We've compiled some great resources from around the web into one handy list. These organizations and projects are doing great things to educate and advocate for walkable places.

Walk to School Resources

Several parents have contacted Walk Toronto to find out how they can make it easier and safer for their children to walk to school. There are programs in Toronto and the GTA, both from governments and NGOs, dedicated to increasing the number of students walking to school.

Toronto Walking Resources

The City of Toronto has a wide range of policies related to walking, but it’s not always easy to know about them or to find them. This post provides a convenient list of links to these various policies, so that anyone who is interested can get an overview what the City is doing, or at least says it should be doing, to improve the pedestrian experience in Toronto.