Study on Wintertime Slips and Falls in Toronto

Walk Toronto has been working for several years to improve sidewalk snow clearing in Toronto. One of our initiatives was to approach Toronto Public Health about doing a study that brings together the evidence about the impact of slips and falls during the winter.

At the October 14, 2016 Board of Health meeting, Toronto Public Health presented their report "Preventing Injuries from Wintertime Slips and Falls in Toronto," which was adopted by the Board. The report gathers together statistical evidence from Toronto and studies from other cities to show the serious negative impacts of wintertime slips and falls, both in terms of the health of individuals and the cost to public finances. The report also makes several useful recommendations about how the City of Toronto can improve sidewalk snow clearing and thus reduce the number of wintertime slips and falls.

Walk Toronto's Dylan Reid gave a deputation in person at the Board of Health meeting, supporting the adoption of the report and encouraging the City to implement its recommendations.

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