Problems, solutions, infrastructure projects, controversies and other matters that affect pedestrians in Toronto.

Walk Toronto calls for Lawrence Park sidewalks

Read Michael Black's comprehensive report for Walk Toronto on why the City should install sidewalks on all streets in Lawrence Park.

Walk Toronto supports the Safer School Zones Act

Walk Toronto's Maureen Coyle spoke in favour of Bill 65, the Safer School Zones Act, to the Ontario Legislature's Standing Committee on General Government.

Walk Toronto seeks to restore Re-Imagining Yonge project in North York

In response to an attempt to de-fund the project, Walk Toronto wrote to City Council to urge it to restore funding for the Re-Imagining Yonge proposal in North York.

Walk Toronto urges Ontario's Transportation Minister to expand scope of safety cameras

Walk Toronto has written to Ontario's Minister of Transportation to ask him to expand the scope of safety cameras for enforcing speed limits, to all city streets and not just school and safety zones.

Study on Wintertime Slips and Falls in Toronto

Toronto Public Health prepared a report on "Wintertime Slips and Falls in Toronto" which details the impact of slips and falls during the winter. Walk Toronto encouraged the development of this report…

Walk Toronto writes to Deputy City Manager about choice of next General Manager, Transportation Services

Walk Toronto has written a letter to the Deputy City Manager describing our hopes for the vision and experience that the City of Toronto will look for in the candidate chosen for the role of General…

Walk Toronto deputations about Toronto's Road Safety Plan

On June 20, 2016, two members of Walk Toronto's steering committee deputed about Toronto's proposed Road Safety Plan. Both called for a much more robust and well-funded plan that truly met the goals…

Active Transportation Groups Call on Federal Government to Fund Pedestrian & Cycling Infrastructure

Walk Toronto has joined with the Toronto Environmental Alliance and Cycle Toronto to call on the federal government to include funding for walking and cycling infrastructure in its infrastructure…

Private sidewalk snow clearing, painting street murals, and Traffic Calming Options Manual - Walk Toronto at Public Works

Walk Toronto presented deputations on three items at the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee meeting in November: enforcement of private sidewalk snow clearing; allowing communities to paint…

Walk Toronto supports new sidewalk on Midland Ave.

The southern portion of Midland Ave. in Scarborough is part of the Waterfront Trail, but the local councillor is opposing a plan to install a sidewalk. Walk Toronto has submitted a detailed deputation…

New Ramp On the Way for Lower Don Trail

An accessible ramp is to be built at the Riverdale Park pedestrian/cyclist bridge--a great win for access and advocacy!

Walk Toronto supports speed reduction on local streets in Toronto-East York

Walk Toronto deputed in support of a special motion by the Toronto and East York Community Council to reduce speed limits on local streets to 30 km/hr.

Walk Toronto supports boulevard option for Gardiner East

Walk Toronto has sent a letter to City Council supporting the boulevard (remove) option for the Gardiner east of Jarvis, rather than the "hybrid" option.

Improvements needed to 30 km/hr policy

Walk Toronto has submitted a deputation to the Public Works Committee regarding proposed rules for reducing local speed limits to 30 km/hr.

Walk Toronto comments on Bay-Bloor pedestrian scramble

Walk Toronto has submitted comments to the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee in response to the proposal to remove the Bay-Bloor pedestrian scramble crossing.

Improving pedestrian signals

Walk Toronto has requested the City to review pedestrian-unfriendly SA2 type pedestrian signals (where the walk signal doesn't automatically change with the traffic signal).

Election candidates survey results show strong support for walking policies

“Buidling a City that Moves,” the City of Toronto election candidates survey of walking, cycling and transit issues, released its findings today. The results showed strong support from council and…

Comments on Pedestrian Crossings – Ontario Traffic Manual

Walk Toronto has submitted comments on the Ontario Traffic Manual (OTM) Book 15 – Pedestrian Crossing Treatments.

Improving accessibility on the Lower Don Trail

An opportunity for a major accessibility improvement for the Lower Don Trail will be coming up at tomorrow’s Parks Committee meeting. The City is planning to install two staircases linking the bridges…

You can help get candidates talking about walking

There’s a city election coming up, and with your help, Walk Toronto is working to make sure all municipal candidates talk about walking as a key part of making a great city.

“Building a Toronto that Moves” city election survey

Walk Toronto has teamed up with the Toronto Centre for Active Transportation (TCAT), Canada Walks, Cycle Toronto and the Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA) to create an election survey for council…

Walk Toronto calls on the City of Toronto to extend snow clearing to every sidewalk in the city

Walk Toronto is calling on the City of Toronto to commit to clearing the snow from every sidewalk in the City. While the City ploughs sidewalks in suburban areas, 1,100 km of sidewalk in the parts of…

Bay Street: a win for pedestrians

There’s some good news to share about Walk Toronto’s first campaign! In March, I wrote in Spacing about the planned reconstruction of Bay Street between Bloor St. and Davenport Rd., which amongst…

Support the Bay & Davenport Reconstruction Project

The City of Toronto will be reconstructing Bay Street between Bloor St. and Davenport Rd. this year. One of the key benefits to pedestrians will be widening Bay Street’s busy sidewalks. The City of…


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