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Walk Toronto’s blog posts, dealing with the founding of Toronto’s new pedestrian advocacy group and ways you can get involved.

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Announcing our new name: Walk Toronto

At a meeting at Metro Hall on the evening of Feb. 13, over 80 participants gathered in order to launch our new group devoted to pedestrian advocacy in Toronto.

Attend the founding meeting of Toronto’s pedestrian advocacy group on Feb. 13

Do you feel that Toronto’s pedestrians need a voice? Could the city benefit from a citizens’ advocacy group dedicated to pedestrian issues? If you are interested, come to our founding meeting to help make it happen – and choose a name for the new group. Rather than focusing just on policy, our group will be action-oriented. It will continue the legacy of the Toronto Pedestrian Committee, but be completely independent of City Hall.

Toronto to get a new pedestrian advocacy group

We’ve been hearing a lot about “Complete Streets” lately. Increasingly, people are calling for our roads to be made safe for ALL users. In Toronto, advocacy organizations have been formed by transit users. They also exist for cyclists. There is even an organization that promotes electric vehicles. Unfortunately, there are no longer any groups advocating on behalf of pedestrians. This gap in the sustainable transportation ranks is soon to be filled.